How to Use Fast TM Pokemon Go for Faster Leveling

How to use Fast TM Pokémon Go – intorduction

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Specific Tips on How To Find, Capture and Train Your Favorite Pokémon

Finding, capturing and training your favorite Pokémon is a fun activity that can be done with friends or with family. It is a great bonding ritual for people of all ages and it is also a great way to learn about the world around you.

Here are some tips on how to find, capture and train your favorite Pokémon:

– Using the app is the best way to search for Pokemon Go in your area. This app has specific features that help you find new Pokemon in different locations such as parks and open spaces. You can also search by area like museums or hospitals because there are more sightings of rare Pokemon in these places than other places.

– Make sure you know where to look when searching for Pokemon. Some people prefer looking at water sources while others focus their attention on trees and flowers (for Fairy types). This is not set in stone and there are no wrong ways of searching for Pokémon, but it is good to know what their habitats are like.

– Save your Pokeballs for when you need them. You want to make sure that you have enough ammo before you actually start encountering new Pokemon because having fewer balls will just put more pressure on you and might cause you to make mistakes. You can collect more Pokeballs from Pokéstops, but they are sometimes hard to get to when they are in highly populated areas because people tend to congregate near them.

– Hatching the eggs is a great way of getting rare Pokémon like Dratini or Larvitar (which evolve into Dragonite and Tyranitar). Keep in mind though, that the eggs themselves will only last a certain distance before they hatch.

– It is possible to capture several Pokemons of the same type. You can also capture evolved forms of a Pokemon. For example, you can capture a Squirtle and evolve it into a Wartortle or even a Blastoise depending on what you prefer.

– Buying Lures from Pokéstops is a great way of attracting even more Pokemon than usual. This includes rare Pokemon like Dratini, but it will only work if the Lure Module is activated at that specific location.

– Speaking of Lures, you can purchase them with Pokecoins. You can get these coins by visiting Pokéstops or by purchasing them from the shop.

– You can power up your Pokemons by using Stardust and Candy. The amount of Stardust and Candy needed for powering up decreases as your level goes higher, so it is a good idea to save these items for when you get to the higher levels.

– Catching a pre-evolved form of a Pokémon is also a good strategy if you’re trying to capture the evolved form. For example, catching an Oddish helps you out if you’re looking for a Gloom or Vileplume. It will save you a lot of time and Stardust in the long run.


Many people are playing the game and some are quitting because of the difficulty they encounter. However, if you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to have a better experience.

1) Be aware of your battery life.

2) Set your phone’s GPS to the game’s map.

3) Adjust your settings so that you won’t be distracted by sounds or notifications.

4) Take breaks when needed and have fun!

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